Annual Trunk or Treat

We hosted our first Trunk or Treat last year. It was a simple event but we had a great turn out and the kids enjoyed themselves. We had several teachers decorate their trunks. We had a station for popcorn. One of our staff member was able to secure popcorn from the local movie theater for this. Then Larger Than Life Enterntainment provided music for the kids to dance to then put on a movie. We had hay bales to sit on. So what sounds so simple on paper was a great event.

This year we hope to do the same! Having a family fun event every couple of months is something we like to do at River Green Academy. We want to be more than just a place where kids get dropped off. We want to engage families to make lasting friendships and sometimes serve our community at the same time.

This year’s Trunk or Treat will be held Saturday October 24th and will be a drop in event between 6-8pm! Larger Than Life is back for more fun!


photo cred to free digital photos. net


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